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All right, confession time...

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Aug. 13th, 2008 | 11:06 pm

It's been too long since I've put pen to paper. ... Fingers to plastic squares. Oh, THAT'S poetic. Whatever. Moving on.

So I kind of feel like punishing myself more than I have, so I figure the best way is to tell you what I did last week and you all can slap me upside the head. (FIGURATIVELY. Don't be gettin' no i-dee-ers.)

Okay. So I'm watching the studio feed at my work where you can see what's going on right at that very second, and in the studio, on the lobby level, is Alan Tudyk, filling in as host for vacationing Leonard Maltin on this show he does called Secret's Out. Alan Tudyk from 3:10 to Yuma, Alan Tudyk from Death at a Funeral (funny, funny movie) and Alan Tudyk from the wondrous Firefly series and of course the accompanying film Serenity. Which I LOVE.

So he's down there. And I'm a fan. But I'm thinking, you know, those celebrity people don't need the annoying bother of people all up in their faces about how much they love them and stuff, they're doing a job, HE'S doing a job, and I don't know, it seems tacky.

And then I see who Alan's interviewing. His good friend Nathan Fillion. He plays the captain on Serenity. That movie that I may have mentioned I love, somewhere earlier? It's all a haze. Oh, there it is. Yeah, I mentioned it.

Now, I'm nowhere near wired in the head to be ... in the tendency to ... um, the... the man-man-love thing. If you know what I mean. But come ON. The writing on that show was thick enough to stand a fork in it. Just tasty. Like, you know, all kinds of witty and you know, like that. Stuff. Like West Wing turn-on-closed-captioning-to-eat-it-all-up quality.

I seriously thought about it. I even thought about it out loud. And I sat there and watched the interview from the comfort of my monitor, floors above the action, saw Nathan finish, removing the mic, and talk with people on set. And then I went back to work.

It was not more than an hour later I found out that this woman I work with and another from a different department, and this editor guy, are all huge fans. And HAD GONE DOWN THERE. Sat outside. Said hi. Probably shook hands. Most likely got a signature. Camera phone pics. Shared a good joke. Maybe Nathan went down to his car and got some personal 5x7 headshot glossies to hand out. Maybe not. The point is, I DO NOT KNOW BECAUSE I WASN'T THERE.

Anyway, that's my story. You have my permission, slap away.

The funny thing is, if it had been someone else down there, like Mischa Barton or pretty much anyone from the OC for example, I would have thought, "Sure, go ahead and fawn all over her, jeez. Show some professionalism, ya pansies." But now pansy moniker be damned... stick me ankle-deep in potting soil if that's what it takes for the meet n greet, and I'm good to go.

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