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Ask Your Doctor about new Veramyst

Sep. 26th, 2007 | 10:48 pm

I was watching a commercial for the new prescription allergy spray Veramyst, and about halfway through, I saw a disclaimer in small print that read, "The way VERAMYST works is not entirely understood."

If you were using it, wouldn't something like that bother you? Here, take this. It'll keep you from sneezing, although we're not quite sure WHY.

Reminds me of the diet pills (with tapeworms inside) advertised back in the 30's.

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Build a house? No sweat!

Sep. 26th, 2007 | 08:15 pm

The hinge on the back of the toilet seat has been loose for a while now and I'd been contemplating the whole live-with-it-or-tell-the-landlord-or-try-to-fix-it-myself decision, when the decision was made for me when the seat slipped and actually cracked almost in two. Still, I thought that the time it took to get the powers that be to come up here and replace it might be prohibitively long. So I did it with my own two hands! And a screwdriver.

First, I was still unsure about the whole procedure, and whether it would be costly, so I headed over to the local Home Depot to find a toilet lid and see how much it costs. The place is so huge that just going there for a little thing like a toilet lid seemed goofy. I almost got a few long two-by-fours and a circular saw so I wouldn't feel out of place at the register. It turns out there are a ton of toilet seats to choose from! Long ones, cushy ones, wood, plastic, with prices ranging from under five dollars to over forty. I was going to go with the cheapest one, seeing as how I'm just renting, but butt knows best, so I splurged another five and got a decent generic white lid with a seven year guarantee. I personally can't imagine how a guarantee system would work. How would they know you're still within the seven year limit? Would you keep the ten dollar receipt? Would you register your lid with the company?

If you worked at the toilet lid company and one of your customers' lids broke after six and a half years of use, would you honestly want them sending that thing in to you for replacement? I'd work on the honor system, I think. "No worries, sir, we believe you. We'll send another one out." But you know someone would take advantage of that and just get all these free toilet lids that they could then sell on the black market.

I'm glad I don't work for them. So I installed it and realized too late that I lost my one and only opportunity to lick a toilet seat and not get grossed out or sick from a virus or whatever. Oh, man! I could have had friends over and tricked them into daring me to lick it for fifty bucks or something! I would totally be a rich man right now!

Anyway, I feel like a total carpenter now. Does anyone need anything built? Give me a ring!

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Emmy mentions pt.3

Sep. 17th, 2007 | 12:28 am

Here's the last of my observations of the Emmys:

It's a little long so I saved you from scroll-finger carpal tunnel unless you're really interested.Collapse )
Anyway, it was okay. I'd give it a C-.

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Emmy update

Sep. 16th, 2007 | 08:22 pm

Yeah, um, namedropping... not working all that well.

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It's a Sunday night and

Sep. 16th, 2007 | 07:49 pm

The Emmys are on in 10 minutes. The show is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, which seems wrong to me. It's like, if the Super Bowl was hosted by, well, Ryan Seacrest.

The thing is hosted by FOX, and they have Seacrest's deal with the devil in blood, so I could see how it would be easy to recruit him. (That was the deal for Ryan: fame and fortune on America's top rated TV show, in return for his soul. But as with all deals with the devil, there's a catch. Really two. The show was American Idol, and he's destined to work for FOX.)

Five minutes!

Eh, he might do well. He was funny in Knocked Up.

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Syntax Pet Peeve #33

Aug. 17th, 2007 | 12:06 pm

I happened to notice the brand of toilet at my work: American Standard. Just beneath it is listed "3.8 liters/flush 1.0 gal/flush". All right, maybe this is nitpicky, but with a name like American Standard, wouldn't you think they'd at LEAST list the gallons one first??

Hmm. I think maybe I have too much extra time on my hands.

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San Diego is a two hour drive, I think...

Jul. 25th, 2007 | 03:27 pm

So I'm just minding my own business and not even noticing that there's like the biggest International Comic Convention within driving distance. How stupid is me?

Saturday's sold out already. It'll have to be Sunday, and MAYBE after I get off work on Friday (But that means I wouldn't get there 'til after 9pm.)

BUT Friday night is an hour long program of the Worst Cartoons Ever through the history of cartoons. THAT is something I need to see! And then Spike and Mike has some Sick and Twisted animation I'll sit in on, but I can't leave too late and get home like 3am. That would be tres insane-o.

I've never been there... I wonder what it'll be like?

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Yeah, close enough.

Jul. 19th, 2007 | 11:16 pm

My Personality Page

At first I thought "Naturalist" was one who frequently likes to be naked. I thought, right on! But when I got only 50%, I decided it probably meant something else.

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I have to wake up WHEN?

Jul. 12th, 2007 | 03:17 pm

I have a bus to catch!

My sister's going to Las Vegas for some family time with my brother, so I'm taking some time off to catch up with her plans. She comes from the north and I come from the south, so in order to travel together, I'm taking the bus to meet her (somewhat)halfway in Bakersfield. It's one of those "It's a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there" cities. Except for the part about it being a great place to visit.

It's on one of Amtrak's connecting-city buses, not Greyhound. I've heard about the crazies on Greyhound.

But all that is tomorrow morning. Let's hope for no crazies!

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My first Fourth in the southland...

Jul. 4th, 2007 | 08:08 pm

Guess what happens when you have a city of thousands of people who have access to off-brand, crazy contraband fireworks? You have quite a show from all directions of my six-story window.

Sounds like a gun battle sometimes. I'm pretty sure it's not, though. I can see bottle rockets a few miles away, and up and down my street they're setting off stuff. And it's not even dark yet!

The next few hours will be pretty cool.

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